When it comes to fashion, although I love brilliant colors, I’ve never been able to completely cross the lines of convention and go all out. That’s why I’m so envious of Karen O, frontwoman for the YeahYeahYeahs! She can pull off anything – bold, colorful make-up, and glittery fashions that borderline on other-wordly. Love that she can go from school-girl innocent to sexy Miss Thang to Rainbow Power Ranger/Ninja.

Also love that she’s half Asian! Her black hair and red lips are to die for. The last pic is of her with her hubby. They make one fashionable couple!


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A few Treasury Lists by yours truly!!! Happy Post-Thanksgiving and let the holiday shopping begin! Click on the Treasury to be taken to the link.

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Love these “maps.” So cute, clever, and creative! Button US map by Jillian Audrey, clothes US map by ???, fabric world map poster by Bianca Green for Urban Outfitters, World Map Galaxy by Symphony of Stars, Watercolor Word Map No. 6 by Jessica Durant of Jessica’s Illustration. Click on each picture to be taken to source.

Karina Manarin is a textile artist and designer who has resolved to post one pattern a day for the year 2012 on her pattern-a-day blog. All photographs, illustrations, and Photoshopping is her own work. She also has an etsy shop, with t-shirts, kerchiefs, and scarfs featuring her gorgeous patterns. My favorite pattern is the first one here, although I love how I feel like I’m looking through a kaleidoscope with some of the others.


Love these alien-themed photos for Karen Walker Eyewear. They’ve got a clever retro-yet-futuristic vibe. She’s not quite Australian – she’s a Kiwi, from New Zealand, and had her start with only 100 NZ dollars (less than 80 American dollars), which she used to buy materials for an “anti-It” girl fashion line. She cites oddball heroes such as Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club and Diane Keaton from Annie Hall as inspirations. Her sunglasses (or “sunnies,” as they say Down Under!) are a bit pricey for my budget, starting at 149 NZD. But still, I like to look at these pictures just because they’re so awesome to look at.